Jill Young

Physical Education Teacher

Jill Young


I began my teaching career in 2003 at RES after graduating from the University of West Georgia and have been fortunate enough to continue teaching Hornets in the gym since that time!    


The gym is such a special place to grow healthy and happy Hornets!  In physical education class I hope to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth while encouraging students to find an activity they love enough to continue the activity outside of PE class.  I love helping young people learn about the benefits of exercise including building strong bodies, having fun, and working together!  RES students will be exposed to a wide variety of activities and will learn that physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.  


I also enjoy spending time with my husband, Andy, and our three children, Max, Molly, and Maggie.  We enjoy being active as a family- walking on the greenbelt, playing basketball, and many other outdoor games!